Jalax manufactures a wide variety of details and components according to the client’s needs and requirements. We can manufacture details from sheet metal and tube profiles and weld them together into components. We can also powder coat all products.


Jalax AS offers a complete solution for the production of metal products from product development to transport.

Our technologists are excellent for promptly assessing the suitability of a customer’s request for our production and, if necessary, for offering their own ideas immediately, in order to find the most optimal solution for our customers.

After agreeing on the technical solutions and the price, we start the preparation for production, during which everything necessary for the production of our company’s management system is described in detail, which ensures high-quality production for our customers.

We design and manufacture the necessary tools and fixtures for production on site. Our equipment also allows us to produce very complex products in our factory on a full scale, offering the customer a competitive final product price. If necessary, we can also use a well-established network of suppliers to offer a solution for more specific work through us.

Our production planning system gives an accurate overview of our production capacities and we can guarantee customers an agreed delivery time. We have an operative overview of pending orders and current statuses. We also perform the necessary surveys and inspections to ensure customer satisfaction with quality. The transport of the finished products takes place in a manner previously agreed with the customer. For fast delivery, we also offer a VMI solution from our warehouse by agreement.

For the solution we agree

  • Materials
  • Appropriate technology
  • Quality
  • Finishing
  • Tools and jigs
  • Prices
  • Production batches and quantities
  • Delivery time and conditions


In case of any questions, don’t hesitate to contact our team!


was established in 1993. Initially just a small shop doing metal work, it has grown into one of the leading manufacturers of metal furniture and components over the years. Presently, Jalax employs currently approximately 150 employees.


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