Jalax manufactures a wide variety of details and components according to the client’s needs and requirements. We can manufacture details from sheet metal and tube profiles and weld them together into components. We can also powder coat all products.


Welded frames and details from the produced parts can also be finished in our factory. As a rule, the products are powder-coated on an automated paint line, and if necessary, we can also spray the products before painting. Our painting technology also makes it possible to ensure a powder coating that meets the requirements of the C4 environment. Small batches and samples are painted in a dedicated hand-paint chamber by experienced operators.

In addition to powder coating, we have well-established partners for chrome plating, galvanizing, anodizing and e-coating. Finished products are subject to quality control in accordance with the agreement. If necessary, we can also offer a product preparation service. The prepared products are packaged and prepared for transport. Through the excellent work of our logistics, the goods reach the customer without worries!

Equipment used

Hand-line powder coating

JALAX: Käsiliinil pulbervärvimine

Gema Magic Compact powder coating line

We can also offer a powder coating service that meets the requirements of the C4 environment.
The maximum dimensions of the details are 2000 x 1800 x 650mm.
Multi-stage prewash.

JALAX: Gema Magic Compact pulbervärviliin


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was established in 1993. Initially just a small shop doing metal work, it has grown into one of the leading manufacturers of metal furniture and components over the years. Presently, Jalax employs currently approximately 150 employees.


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