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To satisfy the needs and the ever-growing expectations of our customers, we are prepared to make constant investments in new technologies and production equipment. We have always believed that the latest technology and a highly qualified workforce hold the key to the success of our company.


Autodesk Inventor, however, has made the work in research and development far more flexible, faster, effective and more precise than it used to be just a few years ago. That has enabled us to consider and satisfy the needs of the growing number of customers and adapt more quickly to new market situations.

It has also given us an advanced capability to offer even better solutions for our customers’ products on our behalf, thus lowering the production costs for them.

Our company care greatly about the quality of our products and have been proven valid in terms of ISO 9001 quality management standards.

Measuring equipment

Measuring arm FarmoArm Platinum 8 (2007)
Accuracy +/-0,025mm (single point), +/-0,036mm (volumetric)
Measuring lenght 2400mm (diameter)
Magnetic stand, removable
Ball diameters 3mm and 6mm
Soft Cam2 Measure X

For welding quality control

Parker NDT MT – magnetic particle control equipment
Brake and acid tests
If needed weld will be inspected by external experts (VT, MT, UT and RT tests)

For surface treatment control

Elcometer and QuaNix4200 thickness measuring equpment
Sauter TB1000-0.1F chrome thickness measuring equipment
Erichsen Glossmaster 500 surface gloss measuring equipment
MEK chemical test
Scratch test equipment

Quality control

During production and final control all products will be incspected. If required, test assemblies
take place before packing. Rised non-conformities are handeled daily.

Jalax has experiances with different quality systems (ISO9001, PAPP), which includes
process validations, risk analyzis FMEA and itc. and statistical methods, capability studies
(cp, cpk, R&R Gage).


laser power, W 2400
max tube lenght, mm 6000
clamping area, mm 141
circular &20 mm -& 150 mm
quadrat 20×20 mm – 120×120 mm
rectangle 20×20 mm – &150 mm
max plate thickness, mm ? 4
max workpiece weight, kg 120
max. batch weight, kg 4000
laser power, W 3000
axes X, mm 3000
axes Y, mm 1500
axes Z, mm 70
sheet thickness
mild steel 15 mm
stainless steel 5 mm
aluminium 4 mm
max workpiece weight, kg 425
Power of punching, kN 165
Axes X, mm 2070
Axes Y, mm 1280
Max. speed axes X, m/min 80
MAx. speed axes Y, m/min 55
Number of stroke 1/min 500
Automatic change tools 15
Diameter max. of punching, mm 76,2
Max. thikness sheet, mm 3
pressure max, T 85
useful bending lenght, mm 2550
distance between lenght, mm 2260
adjustable stroke, mm 215
gap, mm 410
two rotating worktables max. workload 2x250kg
max. welding jig width 1170mm
max. welding jig length 3000mm
welding equipment set KempArc Kit Plus 450W
liquid cooling system, THE -10 welding neck impact protection system, protecting gas combustion control system, arc sensor function and weaving condition monitoring system
working area 800 x 2000
working axes 6
welding sys Kemppi
entrance, mm 1000x1000x1900
turbines, kW 4×18,5
monorail system
cartridge filter
max detail size, mm 1200 x 1200 x 1900
working time, min 14
pressure, at 4
temperature, C° 60-70
washer carbobond+water
manual powder coating
control unit Gema
guns Gema
coating booth 3000x1900x1900
oven, kW 30
oven size 3000x1900x1900
lenght, m 160
speed, m/min 1,5
washer iron phosphate coating + 2 x water
coating booth 8 automatic gun holders,1 manual guns
control unit Gema
guns, piece Gema 8
oven max temp 240
max detail size 2500x650x2150
maximum pallet format, mm 1200 x1100x2050
turnable, 1650
maximum pallet weight, kg 2000
swing over bed nn 530
Distance between centers, mm 1500
Speeds, rpm 31 – 1600
motor, kW 9,2
Threading metric/imperial
Spindle bore, mm 80
max turn. diam., mm 406
bar diam., mm 65
max turn. length, mm 520
spindle, rpm 4500
spindle, kW 18,5
sub spindle, rpm 4500
sub spindle, kW 7,5
“M”, rpm 4000
barfeeder LNS Quick Load Servo 65
x – axis travel, mm 1000
Y – axis travel, mm 510
Z – axis travel, mm 630
table size, mm 1150×510
spindle, rpm 10000
spindle, kW 11
spindle taper BT40
rotary table Tanshing MRNC-320
X-axis travel, mm 1000
Y-axis travel, mm 300
Z-axis travel, mm 455
Rapid traverse (X,Y,Z), m/min XY – 3, Z – 1,5
Table size, mm 1500×330
spindlespeed, rpm 39 -1500
Spindle taper ISO-50
Spindle motor speed, rpm 39 – 1500
Spindle motor, kW 7,4
was established in 1993. Initially just a small shop doing metal work, it has grown into one of the leading manufacturers of metal furniture and components over the years. Presently, Jalax employs currently approximately 150 employees.
Tootmisbaasi, Mündi village, Paide parish, 72762 Järva maakond
Phone: +372 383 8400